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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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two of the dominos that he needs to fall his way, especially since virginia went for hillary clinton. then he has his eyes set later on arizona and nevada. there's a path for him toward 270. but hillary clinton has to turn just one of those states and all of the sudden things go in to flux. we're continuing to monitor the situation as we have leer on news 5 and keep you updated throughout the newscast. >> going to be a long night. confusion at the ballot box all day at the cuyahoga county of elections. >> they were in the wrong precinct. news 5 investigator joe pagonakis is on the case. >> these voters believe the board of elections could have done a better job explaining the rules. >> even the board of elections admitted it could have put more specific information on its website. >> it's unfair. they should have given us more specific information. >> reporter: augustus johnson
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euclid. he was confused and not in his precinct. >> i think they should have explained in a little bit more detail. >> reporter: caroline lewis was also turned away for the very same reason. early voters could vote here no matter where their home precinct is located. but on election day, you could only vote at the board of elections if you live within its precinct. voters told news 5 the board didn't clearly explain that on its website. >> last election i came here on election to come in and vote. this time they've gone completely turned it around. >> by the time i left it was over 103 people. >> reporter: he watched over 100 voters turned away in less than three hours. >> it wasn't on their website, the board of elections website didn't say on the day of the election you're not able to vote down here, you have to vote at your precinct. >> i think this was a good lesson learned for us. >> reporter: pat mcdonald
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the confusion. >> i will make sure that we put something out on our website that clearly identifies the locations people can vote through early voting. >> board of elections did its best to redirect people to the proper precinct. i'm news 5 investigator joe pagonakis. >> thank you very much, joe. we're problems happening in stark county. ron regan, concerns actually remaking absentee ballots. >> we've learned a certain number of absentee ballots would not go through the scanner to be counted. board of elections officials say a team of workers spent all day today literally copying entries on to new ballots. here's what's happening. if someone placed an x instead of filling in the circle, every one of those ballots needs to be corrected.
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the same voting party fill out another duplicate ballot. wope how many ballots are being remade tonight. election officials say this is a common problem and it's not illegal but we'll be following developments. >> the other big race tonight. >> the former governor and democratic ted strickland. how does that impact the battle for control of the senate? >> let's to john kosich in the war room for the answer. >> this was one of those races where the republicans had 24 of the seats. the democrats had four or five of those depending who wipz the white house. how are things looking for the republicans in the key races? >> looking better than they might have expected. looks like indiana was already called for the republican. the ones that are still out that
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nevada, wisconsin. looks like it's going to go for ron johnson again, incumbent republican. finally new hampshire. this is the big one, very close race between them. looks like the senate is likely going to hold republican with a loss of two or three seats down to a 52, 53-seat majority. >> he probably had the most commanding lead in any of the he'll certainly gain that cred when he goes in for his second term. >> coming in with senorty. we'll send it back to you as we continue to monitor the presidential race. >> for now more on portman. he clinched the win. you were able to speak with the senator one-on-one. >> i was. i was able to pull him aside after his victory speech and
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of hours ago he thanked the volunteers who went door to door for him to help reach ohio voters. they talked to every registered voter in the state. they helped him come from 10 points behind in this race a year ago to win an early victory by a wide margin, also helping pull up donald trump tonight. now that he knows he's going back to congress, i asked senator portman what his first priority will be when he returns to washington, d.c. >> work hard to heal the nation and make a difference in people's lives. as i said tonight, i think our goal now is to put the campaign behind us and figure out how to find common ground to solve problems and there's plenty of them. >> though his highest priority will be to, quote, stop the dysfunction, he also talked about tackling other problems. problems that have a huge impact
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they're the heroin epidemic and of course coming up with a way to grow our economy and create more good paying jobs. sarah buduson, news 5. >> all eyes right now still on the presidential race tonight as we wait for a clearcut winner. >> and we wait. scripps has reporters inside both candidates' watch parties in new york city tonight. we're going to begin with mike with the clinton campaign to holding as expecting the states polling shows to win, but it's going to be neck and neck with probably a sigh of relief as opposed to a jubilant cry should clinton actually pull off the 270 to win the electoral votes. right now it's still very tense. people are very quiet here watching the election returns come in on the big screen behind me and they let out a big shout avenue time a state does go for
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for michigan to come through along with the other battleground states yet to be called. there was a big call right behind me. i see new hampshire went for clinton apparently and that's what people are celebrating at this moment but i don't know if that's true. either way, something aroused the energy of people behind me. i think it's over at the trump headquarters where todd walker currently is in midtown manhattan where people are really actually enthusiastic. >> people are feeling real here at trump campaign headquarters. this is a very close race especially after california and hawaii was called for hillary clinton. this is certainly not over yet. but donald trump supporters know they're doing much better than all the polls suggested that they would. so they're watching those remaining swing states that have not been called yet. pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. all those places he generally has a lead. i'm checking my numbers right now. hillary clinton still up in pennsylvania right now. most of the swing states, donald
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his supporters feeling real, real good right now but they know they cannot celebrate yet because there's still a long ways to go. once you get to the west coast, it gets much more democratic. places that lean for hillary clinton. they're feeling good. but they're not celebrating just yet. back to you. >> thank you, todd. while it may seem this election was all about the white house, want to remind you there were some local issues too. >> there sure were. let's see how they're right now. cleveland voters voting on an income tax increase that will impact people who live or work in the city. right now yes on top, 42,800 and some votes. half percent increase would generate more than $80 million a year for the city. it would be cleveland's first income tax hike in three decades. we move to cleveland voters deciding the future of cleveland's civilian police review board, issued 33, an
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the board. big difference right there. >> voters in lorain were asked to vote for new programs to help addicts. issue 95, 56% no, 44% yes. it would allow the lorain county alcohol and drugs services agency to hire additional social workers, cost homeowners about $42 a year. let's go to lakewood. the fate of lakewood hospital was up for a vote. a vote for issue 64 would allow with its plans. as you can see, 53% saying yes, withome 47% reporting right -- with only 47% reporting right now. >> out at the polls tonight, more than 100 volunteers making sure your vote was counted. >> they're part of the national election protection project.
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casting your ballot can actually be quite complicated. that's why you likely saw them tonight, volunteers outside your polling place making sure your vote was counted. >> reporter: minutes before the polls closed throughout cuyahoga county, volunteers and attorneys with the national election protection project are still busy fielding calls from their precincts. >> the issue we saw most frequently were problems with voter identification. >> reporter: more than 100 volunteers reported issues from poll workers and voters back to this headquarters, this attorney had the not so easy job of trying to fix the myriad of issues pouring in throughout the day. you see, voting isn't as simple as it seems. >> making a system as complicated as this creates a huge amount of problems because
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confused. poll workers will be confused. even people who administer the elections will be confused. >> dealing with voter i.d.s. provisional ballots. and voters attempting to vote at the wrong precinct. >> people don't remember where they're registered. >> reporter: on the ground, volunteers braved the elements to help voters make sure their vote was counted. >> it's very important for pe working right. >> reporter: for all the issues, broken voting machines and long lines, there were a lot more voting stories of success. >> i figured if everyone thought it was as important as i did, they'd be here early. due to work i was here a little later. it's very important. >> the coalition worked in conjunction with the cuyahoga county board of elections but they weren't only stationed here. there were hundreds of volunteers stationed across the
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tonight, james girardi, news 5. our coverage of the 2016 presidential election just getting started here on news 5 at 11:00. >> john kosich in the war room crunching the numbers as they come in. we'll take a closer look at the battle for the white house. >> we've got more rain out
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we'll get back to the election in just a bit. first breaking news out of ashtabula county. >> a police involved shooting. >> one person is dead and a police officer is injured after a shooting here. we're on the corner of ford avenue and prospect road where this entire block is roped off with police tape. this incident began with a robbery investigation and appears to have ended with a shooting. take a look down the street. we can see a car parked on the front lawn of the home. the homeowner told me the driver drove over the curb. they believer the deceased person is in the car. police tell me the car matches the suspect description in the robbery. we can see several shell casings from where we are, bci is processing the scene right now.
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we do not know the extent of his injuries but a bci spokesperson told me he was transported to ashtabula regional medical center. we do not have an i.d. on the deceased person, but we're told the person was in the vehicle that matched the description of the suspect's car in the robbery. we'll bring you all the latest information as it becomes available. news from new york. stock futures have plunged 700 points after the outcome of the presidential election remains much tighter than anybody expected. stocks initially closed higher with the outlook for a clinton victory. that's now changed. the battle for every seat in the house of representatives. >> it wasn't much of a battle here in our area with the incumbents reclaiming their
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bottom of the screen. republicans expected to keep control of the house. >> let's throw it back to john kosich. >> that was called early in the night, republicans maintaining control of the house. no seats here in ohio were really in jeopardy. continuing to monitor some of the results coming in in the presidential election. north carolina has been called for donald trump. but check out pennsylvania. what do you think of that, tom? >> this is a lot closer than expected. only 100,000 clinton and trump. clinton with a slight lead. so this could be a bit of an under vote in the eastern part of the state around philadelphia and certainly a strong vote tracking with these other states like ohio in the rest of pennsylvania central and west. >> if he wins florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. >> then we're talking pretty much a trump presidency will begin. the other scenario, even if pennsylvania goes blue and goes for hillary clinton, if trump picks up both wisconsin and
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these three states, washington will probably go blue. this will certainly go red. new hampshire could be the deciding factor. if he picks up new hampshire, then he's over the 270 and becomes president. >> we could be conceivably looking at 269-269. >> if iowa goes blue, one of these goes blue, and new hampshire goes blue, then it could come down to 269 each with the >> call the boss. tell him you'll be late tomorrow. we'll be checking out this throughout the evening. arizona and nevada, two of the ones he's looking at for those last minute. he's winning states he was supposed to win. states that he hopes to win are leaning his way. that's the key point. we'll continue to monitor the situation and have the latest for you. >> as with any election, there
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interrupting voting across the country. two polling sites in los angeles put on lockdown after someone with an assault rifle killed one person and hurt two others then started shooting at officers responding to the scene. one polling location eventually reopened. voters were told to go to nearby locations. still not clear if the shooting had anything to do with the election. >> in madison, wisconsin voting at one high school was extended an hour after a fire alarm forced people to evacuate. it was an accident. one student knocked ball, and another was trying to fix it when it went off. >> a nonprofit group sued to extend voting in a county in north carolina after a glitch there in the electronic voter check-in system forced them to switch to paper roll books. >> some people won't let anything stop them from voting. like this guy in cleveland. this is cleveland. he was spotted leaving the polls
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>> wow. >> creative way to get the to polls. >> that was earlier in the day of course. >> yeah, no rain. >> there was no rain. absolutely. now there is rain. and it is still raining on and off. it's going to rain for tomorrow morning's rush. >> it ain't pretty. >> it is november. it's november rain. let's go to our power of 5. a live look at akron. rain showers around, fogging up our screen. is pretty much out of here. as i told you earlier, we were going to see some widely scattered showers begin to fill in behind it. that's what we're seeing back in to ashtabula, back in to strongsville, south of downtown cleveland around fleet avenue, 480, independence. all the way in to macedonia and twinsburg seeing more scattered showers. then we have more here that are
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rain. by 3:15, a little trough begins to approach. that continues our showerry weather. by 8 a.m., everybody in the forts with a few more showers. finally beginning to fade through the afternoon. hopefully everybody is dry by the time work and school ends. i think that will be the temps. current temps, 51 norwalk. 51 medina to wooster to elyria. winds out of the north. telling you the front has passed. earlier today 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, southwesterly breezes and now out of the north. the front has gone by. dew points, 47. humidity, 77%. may see a little bit of fog and haze as you get up and go tomorrow morning. cool air is here. it will come in tomorrow during the day. temps will not recover a whole lot. you can already see the cooler blues really working in.
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40-plus degree temps. front, bye-bye. high does move in. should clear us out by late tomorrow afternoon. the chill is on. i think tomorrow's highs struggling in to the lower 50s in most spots. tonight we'll go 45, scattered showers. cooler. tomorrow, 50 to 52 degrees. morning showers. we should dry out for the afternoon. going to remain breezy and cool. you're going to need your sweaters tomorrow during the early shower with some peeks of sunshine by late afternoon. now thursday, 61. not bad. friday a few showers coming our way. i have removed the mention of snow. good news there. 49, a chill in the air saturday with sunshine sunday. a little milder. 57. mainly sunny skies. >> what time can i expect you? afternoon? >> my house.
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results pour in on this election day. >> we'll go back to john kosich in the war room for the latest on the numbers. and another look back at this historic presidential
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we have huge crowds still waiting at both hillary clinton and donald trump watch parties in new york >> neither candidate not yet claiming enough electoral votes to clinch the election. there has been some surprises tonight. >> john, you've been tracking this all night long. >> i think the folks of new york city better call the boss and say they're going to be a little bit later, tonight this is not shaping up to be anything that comes to a conclusion very quickly. >> we've seen these states going back and forth. look at michigan. we've got less than 15,000 votes
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.05% difference. and michigan typically goes blue. hasn't gone red since 1988. wisconsin, here we see a 4-point lead. looks like this is a little more commanding for trump. critical states, at least one of them he's got to win, presumeic pennsylvania goes blue -- presuming pennsylvania goes blue. >> the democratic parts of the state, philadelphia and pittsburgh tend to come in first. the republican part, the t in in later in the evening. that tends to be more conservative, more rural. that's been going all donald trump's trump this evening. >> the scenarios right now are if pennsylvania goes for trump, this is over. trump is president. if pennsylvania goes for hillary clinton, if they split wisconsin and michigan, if we see trump picking up nevada, picking up these two states, arizona and utah, washington goes for clinton, and then new hampshire
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become president and depending how that goes, we might even be down to a one-vote difference in the electoral college decided by the second district of the state of maine. >> i think it's funny that the first of the nation primary, the votes are trickling in at such a level they may be ending up to be the deciding factor. cuyahoga county, 62%. very rural state. we'll continue to monitor the situation throughout the evening here on news 5 and bring you up
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thank you for keeping it on news 5 tonight. we're watching the numbers for you and mapping the electoral votes on this historic election night. >> log on to the news 5 cleveland app for the very latest and abc news your voice, your vote coverage continues. that's coming up next.
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wait for a winner. >> and we're still waiting. >> we'll be back in an hour
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those pictures tell the story. that's the hillary clinton campaign, you see tears at the clinton campaign. now, at the trump headquarters, you hear the cheers, you see the votes to 209 for hillary clinton. it's getting close. >> and in the war room in trump tower, they're getting very excited. we said conventional wisdom was wrong, and so is political science. everyone said they weren't ready for prime time, but they made


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